The Fujifilm XF10 – a Ricoh GR replacement and my new travel camera?

It’s not often I’m overly curious about a new camera launch, but when I came across information about the new Fujifilm XF10 today, it caught my attention immediately. The Fujiguys posted this only 10 hours ago, and to me this is interesting news indeed, so I wanted to share with with you.

UPDATE (September 26th 2018): Ok, so it seems my Ricoh GR I gets a third update with the Ricoh GR III, and it’s looking pretty sweet, so I’ll hold on to my GR for a while longer, then upgrade when the GR III is finally released. More about this can be read on PetaPixel, a great site for photography news at

If you read some of my previous blog posts, you know I am a long time user of the Ricoh GR, my trusted companion for travel, offering great image quality, easy handling and fast action. One of my minor gripes with the Ricoh though, is that I often find myself wanting to get closer to my subject or have a longer lens – i.e. the 28mm wide angle equivalent on the Ricoh sometimes feels a bit to wide.

Now, why am I writing this? Well, it seems the new Fuji XF10 has a built in digital teleconverter that “still gives you the full resolution of the sensor” (or image size if you want). This being an APS-C camera, similar to my Ricoh GR, it is very tempting, and I already know I’ll be wanting to try this out for travel photography. Please understand this is not a review, I am just giving you my first impressions, based on the specifications and this is my initial reaction to the news, so do your own research.


However, this is a premium compact camera with a 24 megapixel APS-C sensor, so image quality should be sufficient for my kind of us. I won’t be going into the specifications of this new camera, since that is not really my style, but instead I’ll give you the top 5 reasons I am drawn to this camera, which was released only some hours ago.


..similar to my Ricoh GR, it is very tempting, and I already know I’ll be wanting to try this out for travel photography.

First of all, it is small, and weighs about the same as my Ricoh GR. Also, the grip looks very nice, which is important when you’re out and about. Also, image quality from Fuji is always pretty good, with a wide range of film simulations for jpgs straight out of camera.


In addition, the digital teleconverter is very clever and tempting, although it is only available for jpgs (and not raw – I usually have my camera to shoot both). And, finally – it comes with it’s own version of “snap focus” – which is one of the great features I love about the Ricoh, and let’s you set the focusing distance to either 2 or 5 meters, which should be sufficient for my type of use. See below for my top pros summary.


Top pros, in my opinion:

  • Size (yes, it is small enough to be comfortable and inconspicuous, pocketable? Not sure yet)
  • Grip and comfort of use (seems ok, but can’t say for sure without holding it in my hand..still the Ricoh has a better grip)
  • Image quality (yes, more than sufficient – check)
  • Additional 35mm and 50mm euivalents (albeit digital, but specs say it’s only for jpgs, so not sure what this implies – is it a full sensor readout or what? Needs additional research I guess)
  • Snapshot mode (does not seem as flexible as snap focus on the Ricoh GR, we’ll see..)


Whether I’ll be getting one is still too early to say, I will probably hang out and see what the rumoured Ricoh GR III has to offer – the third iteration of this digital camera. I have the first generation, and skipped on the second, so maybe version 3 of the Ricoh GR is what I am looking for. However, I probably won’t find out until later this year, with information about the new and updated Ricoh probably being released at Photokina.


In any case, I just wanted to let you know and it’s too early for me to decide anyway. If you know more about this camera, or want to offer your thoughts, please share them with me in your comments down below.


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Image and video credit: Cato Salter, Fujiguys and Fujifilm
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