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Our done-for-you trip guides are tailored to ensure YOU have the best trip possible. They’re backed by seasoned local travel experts, who’re also available to offer on-demand assistance. This combo ensures you always get the best travel advice any local could offer. Get the conversation started with Sonia, our very own Messenger based virtual assistant.

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Say hello to our team

We work with local experts and travel heroes, and are ready to assist you

Morten Dehli

Team Lead Norway

I manage our team of local experts and will set you up with the very best insight and experience, to ensure you get the most suitable itinerary possible.

Cato Salter

Advisor NORWAY

I handle the practical, administrative and technical functions here at Scandinavian Nature, to help make sure your trip is a supercharged big hit.

Sonia (bot)

24/7 Assistant

I’m available in your Facebook Messenger and can help you get started using our services. I can also put you in touch with a travel consultant and hook you up with our travel support while on the road.


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Local Experts

Are you an experienced traveller in Scandinavia? What languages do you speak? Are you friendly? Social media experience? Like to write? Website or blog? Show us, reach out, let’s talk.

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Frequently asked questions

...and some of the answers that go along with them

What happens after I book your service ?

Our services include help planning your trip and guiding you to make the best choices in where to go and what to do, as well as help and support while you are here. We are like virtual advisors, only specialized for travel in and to Scandinavia. To book any of our services, you’ll start off on Messenger and help us learn more about your aims and desires, as well as getting the practical details regarding your trip sorted. As soon as we’ve got this information processed, we’ll reach out to get to know you better and offer our initial advice within the timeframe agreed.

Do you have a free plan ?

Given the time-based nature of our service, which is offering information, insight, advice, help and local assistance based on your desires and our native presence, we do unfortunately not offer any free trials or similar. However, you are welcome and encouraged to ask for advice in our Facebook group Scandinavian Travel Friends, which is not only free but now also includes more than 11.000 friendly individuals.

What if I prefer to book my own trips ?

We totally get that – our service is based on the premise that most people would want to research and book their own trips and be in charge of the whole process. Our assistance is there to make sure you make the best choices, offer up great alternatives and suggestions and to give you confidence to make your own decisions. If you want to, we can also complete some of the more demanding bookings on your behalf, much like a personal advisor would.

What if my trip is cancelled ?

One of the most valuable contributions we make to your travel plan is offering local insight and bespoke travel advice, resulting in an itinerary packed with desirable places and suitable activities designed to accommodate your aims and desires. Despite any contributions we make to your resulting trip, we offer a total refund should your trip get cancelled, no questions asked, for any reason.

We are 7+ people, can we still use your service ?

If there are more than 7 people in your travel party, then please reach out to us first so we can understand your requirements. To keep communications orderly, we’ll need one person to be the main contact responsible when working with parties in excess of 7 people.

Why should I use you, when I can do it myself ?

We’ve all made our own travel arrangements for years, and it works great, heck – it’s even quite cheap and easy to get transportation and accommodation online. Yes, we agree to all that, but unless you’ve been to your destination many times before, have the best and latest intel, or know exactly what you’re after, chances are slim that your trip is not supercharged by the advice from our advisors and seasoned local travellers.

What is your refund policy ?

We have a 100% refund policy and no questions asked, valid until 30 days after you return from your trip. So, if you for any reason are not satisfied with our service, you get all your money back.

How do we stay in touch along the way ?

For as long as you are using our service and up till 30 days after you return from your trip, we are connected on Messenger and can stay in touch to exchange information and offer assistance and input to ensure your trip is a success, from your planning phase, to going there, and finally to getting back at home again. It’s much like having your personal travel friend and someone you can chat with about all aspects of your trip.

Ready to supercharge your trip?

You know how it works now, you’ve seen a few of the local travel experts ready to help you, and you know about our 100% money back guarantee. Is something still holding you back, or shall we help you get started on the trip of a lifetime?