Dreaming of Svalbard

by Scandinavian Nature

Go on a Svalbard photography getaway. Join locals who'll show you the sights, help you develop and make sure you never forget your stay in this arctic destination.


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northern lights on svalbard

Nature of daylight

Svalbard is a place of contrast. At 78 degrees north, the island of Spitsbergen is located so far up on the northern hemisphere that there is virtually zero daylight from late November till mid February.

In contrast, the sun doesn't go below the horizon throughout the summer months of May, June and July, offering daylight around the clock 24/7.

These condition offer some interesting opportunities for visitors to see northern lights in the winter or photograph arctic landscapes, icebergs and glaciers in the summertime.

Sustainable travel

Svalbard is incredibly rich in wildlife, with polar bears and foxes, reindeer, seals and a multitude of species of birds. They've all adapted to the rough arctic climate and rely heavily on stability and predictability.

Any intrusion into the wild of Svalbard bears the risk of disturbing the natural balance of the local wildlife. This is why we don't specifically offer trips to seek out wildlife, but rather focus on landscapes and natural phenomena.

We're committed to making sure your visit to Svalbard leaves a minimal environmental footprint and hope you can appreciate our effort to promote sustainable travel.

sustainable travel svalbard
northern lights trip svalbard

Trip #1
Northern Lights

From November through February, we offer 4 night stay trips to Svalbard focusing on the magical aurora borealis.

Since it's almost pitch dark up here 24/7, with dry weather and negligible light or air pollution at 78 degrees north, chances are good you'll catch the northern lights.

Based in Longyearbyen, you'll go on day trips and night trips, we'll help you develop your night photography skills through training, discussions, demos and brief lectures, and we'll round it all off with a print session and online exhibition.

Trip #2
Arctic Landscapes

During the season of May till early September, we offer 6 night stay trips to Svalbard focusing on the arctic landscape

Throughout your stay we'll take you to see glaciers, icebergs and beautiful scenics, both on land and by sea. Our main camp for the stay is in Longyearbyen, while one night will be spent in Barentsburg or Pyramiden.

In addition to taking you to see the most magnificent locations, we'll help you develop your landscape photography skills, work collectively to improve your photos, give each other encouragement and advice, as well as round it off with a print session and online exhibition.

svalbard landscape photography

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