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Supercharge your trip with Travel Friends, Trip Guides and Local Heroes.

Are you planning the trip of your life? Or just longing to take a short break from everyday grind? Researching places to see and things to do can be incredibly exciting. Unfortunately, it’s also really hard to know if you found the best and most suitable opportunities to choose from, but we can help.

Locals know best, in most cases – they know where to go, what to see, where to stay, what to do and what to expect, who to talk to and how to ensure they get what they want. With their help, so can you.

We offer travel friends, done-for-you trip guides and local travel support, so you get the insights and assistance only locals can offer!

We offer

Travel advice for solo travellers, couples, families and small groups.

Done-for-you Trip Guides

Your preferences, interests and past experiences shape the perception of everything you do. We understand this, and use it to match YOUR aims and desires to OUR insight about places, local experiences and opportunities. The result is magic, offering a richer, different, sometimes surprising and more fulfilling travel experience than what you could have achieved by yourself.

Local Travel Heroes

Already arrived, in a pickle or need some quick input or advice? Asking in Facebook groups and Google is great, but sometimes slow. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could simply ask your very own and dedicated travel advisor? One that was always available, spoke the language like a native and could do research, make a few quick calls and help you on the spot? Well, with us you can.

Travel Friends

Most people travel without the most careful planning of every minute detail – and like it that way – while others want more granular insight into how they spend their time. Some like doing their own research, planning and booking, while others take a hands-off approach. If you want, we’ll hook you up with more than 10.000 fellow travellers to Scandinavia. Ready?

Feel secure with our 30 Day POST RETURN 100% Money Back Guarantee

We'll do everything we can to ensure you have an exceptional time while visiting Scandinavia. If you, for any reason, are unhappy with our help, we'll refund the entire fee without questions and up to 30 days after your trip is concluded.

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We’re truly grateful to our awesome partners, please take a moment to learn more about them..

Nordic Destinations is a Minnesota based tour and travel company that services the North American Market. They specialize in independent and group travel to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, and both owners and staff members are either originally from Scandinavia, or have heritage from one or more of the Nordic countries. We’re really excited to have Elaine and her team onboard. They’re awesome and you should take a moment and study some of the amazing travel opportunities they offer!

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